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The "MyoLab" 

Connecticut's First All-Access Recovery Center

What is The "MyoLab"?

As physical therapists, we are the “movement experts.” We have dedicated years of studying the science behind musculoskeletal pain and dysfunction, and have found one phenomenon to always be true...when your muscles break down, so do you! In today’s world we all know how critical taking time for self-care is, but so many of us find it hard to work this into our busy schedules. Well now we have the solution! We have created a state-of-the-art Recovery Center (better known as the “MyoLab”) to help reduce pain and soreness, flush out toxins, improve mobility/flexibility, and restore optimal muscle health. As a member of the MyoLab, you have unlimited, 24-hour access to the top recovery modalities backed by the sports and medical communities, located all under one roof! Sign up today to be a part of the new generation of health and wellness!

The "MyoLab" Recovery Membership
Monthly Membership Includes Unlimited Access to: 
  • MPulse Infrared Sauna

  • Normatec compression therapy

  • HyperIce heat/cold/vibration therapies

  • TheraGun Pro Stretch Station

  • Peloton bike and treadmill

  • Mirror Workout System

  • Fight Camp Interactive Kickboxing System

  • PLUS Members-Only Pricing on Cryo, dry needling, IV therapy, and SO MUCH MORE!

Not sure about membership yet?  No Problem! 

Come try any of our "MyoLab" services on a single session basis