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Whole Body Cryotherapy

Stimulate your body's natural healing abilities, drastically reduce  inflammation, and restore total body wellness


What is Whole Body Cryotherapy ?

Whole Body Cryotherapy (WBC), or “cold therapy" is one of our COOLEST modalities yet (pun intended)! This therapy takes "icing for pain relief" to a whole new level.  Although spending 3 minus inside a below-zero chamber filled with liquid nitrogen, may sound intimidating, the physiological effects are outstanding. The nitrogen used to reduce the temperature of the cryosaund is fresh, dry air, so you won't experience the shivering or goosebumps usually associated with the cold. Upon exiting the chamber, you are both mentally and physically rejuvenated, as fresh oxygen and vital nutrients flood the system, resulting in an immediate increase in energy and decrease in pain. 
It doesn't stop there. Even after the session is complete, your body continues to reap the benefits of the treatment for several hours. By essentially resetting your circulatory system, WBC reduces inflammation, speeds up muscle recovery on a cellular level, releases endorphins, and increases metabolism (yup, that's right, it can even help with weight loss). 

WBC is available at both our Prospect and
West Hartford, CT locations

Cryotherapy at The Performance Lab

At The Performance Lab, our team is passionate about curating a custom treatment approach that works for you. Whether you are an athlete, are experiencing pain, or just want to feel rejuvenated, WBC can benefit everyone. It’s much more effective and comfortable than jumping into an ice bath. 


To ensure your comfort at all times, our cryosauna is closed with a magnet and never locked, allowing patients to enter and exit whenever they choose. Our WBC trained staff member stays with you for your entire session (we even test your trivia skills to help pass the time)!


Depending on the condition being treated, we initially recommend 5-10 treatments scheduled close together, separated by about 1 or 2 days to maximize results. After that, you can space treatments out for maintenance (once every 1 or 2 weeks).


Increased range of motion in muscles and joints

Rejuvenated body, skin and mind

Improved circulatory response

Reduced or eliminated stagnant blood within muscle tissue

Increased blood and lymphatic flow

Cryo Booking
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